“The Shootout” 2018 between Lembeh – Gulen

Join our team and be part of this awesome photo shootout between 15-23 June 2018. We have a few spaces left to a reduced price.

Lembeh Resort
Gulen Dive Resort

Join us at The Shootout 2018, Gulen Dive Resort “head to head” with Lembeh Resort for a spectacular photo-shootout. Two teams of photographers are working together for ONE goal, To win the battle and to become the best resort and continent!

Who’s got the best critters? Who can get the best images? It’s north against south, warm against cold and team against team when the photographers battle it out in The Shootout. There is also a battle between photographers to win the honour and very good prices.

The two groups will be on opposite location at the same time, competing over three days to find and photograph the weirdest, most spectacular critters they can find within three categories. The photographers at both locations will nominate images that will be submitted to an online vote.

The SHOOTOUT is very proud to announce the team captains for 2018.

Keri Wilk

Will be encouraging team Gulen to make it one-all in the series, while

Alex Mustard

Will be leading team Lembeh in their attempt to retain their title.

Sponsors, prizes and Review

We had not managed to achieve this without sponsors and helpers who can carry voting etc. The biggest and best suppliers have set up with many and great prizes, which enables that all participants will leave with a price to take home. There are cash prizes and several dive vacations, in addition to equipment.

The event is organized by


read more on this link Wetpixel.com

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We look forward to seeing you in Gulen to a huge challenge

This unique event provides the following:

  • Two groups competing half a world apart, at the same time
  • Online streaming and live interviews
  • Social media event with lots of attention
  • Online hosting by Wetpixel
  • Great learning opportunities
  • 8 nights and unlimited number of dives at our Macro location

Follow the event on these links



Price includes:

Shootout, lectures, nitrox, airport transfers, unlimited drinking water, coffee and tea, accommodation in twin rooms, taxes.

Space is limited to 16 competitors at each resort. Would you like to attend The Shootout? Send us an email or check out our offer by following the link.


The Shootout 2018 takes place from 15 to 23th of June, 2018

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